Keto Creme de Mint Whip

This little mini St. Paddy's Keto Creme de Mint Whip is coming to you from me in time for St. Patrick's Day.  
I am part of the KetoCollabs Instagram group in March where it's all things yummy, delicious, and in celebration of St. Paddy's Day.  This dessert is minty, creamy, with a touch of chocolate.  Oh, and it's dairy-free!

Yield: 2 Mini Desserts

St. Patty's Keto Creme de Mint Whip

Dairy free, keto, low carb, no sugar added sweet minty treat made with Coconut Cream



  1. Before starting place the can of coconut milk, medium metal bowl, and electric hand beaters in the fridge overnight.
  2. Open the can of coconut milk and scoop out the hardened cream that has risen to the top.  Place the cream into the chilled bowl. Discard the liquid or save later for a smoothie or a keto beverage. 
  3. With an electric hand mixer and chilled beaters, beat the cream on low speed until it breaks up into pea-size pieces.  Then gradually increase the speed and beat until the cream is smooth.
  4. Add sweetener, vanilla, mint extract and beat until well incorporated.  
  5. Beat in decorating color until desired color.  More blue than yellow makes darker green.  More yellow than blue makes light green.  
  6. Pipe the whipped cream into 2 small glasses.  Top with fresh mint and chocolate.  Serve. 
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