Hello there, this is my disclosure page.  Consider yourself disclosed!

  • This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. Our primary form of making money is via affiliate links – fancy that, a site about affiliate marketing making money through affiliate marketing!
  • There is no cost to you if I am compensated for affiliate links.
  • The views and opinion  expressed here are strictly my own.
  • Sponsored posts are posts where a company pays me to write about a certain topic.  If I write a sponsored post, it will be clearly marked as being paid content.  Again, I will only write about topics I believe in.

*I will be sharing with all visitors to my blog my own personal experiences, opinions and the many aspects and actions I took within my long personal journey back to good health.  Which will not only include recipes and nutritional information but also how I got my health on track after having cancer twice.  The information I am providing is in no way whatsoever intended to be used by you as a replacement for your own medical and professionals advice and consultations.  Or to be used as a means of bypassing or diagnosing any health issues you may have or believe you may have.  All and every aspect of your health is to be taken seriously between you and your physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dieticians, and any other health professional you choose. 

*I have calculated my recipes nutritional information to the best of my ability and with the information that I have access to using MacGourmet software.  I may at any time and at my own discretion chose another program to calculate nutritional values without any notice for my own personal nutritional choices.  All nutritional information is provided as a courtesy to all visitors to this blog. Please calculate the nutritional information on your own before relying on the information that I have provided. 

*I do not include Erythritol in the carb count.   Erythritol based sweeteners have such a small impact on MY blood glucose.  However, if you have medical and health issues that you feel should address the intake of non-sugar, low carb, sweeteners (either natural or artificial) then these issues should be taken up with your medical professionals so that you may make the decisions that are best for you.